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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Why Hormone Replacement?

Hormonal balance is a vital key for our health and wellbeing. Unfortunately a large number of people suffer from hormonal imbalances.


Hormonal imbalances can affect young people, especially women. Premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, amenorrhoea, endometriosis, fertility issues are quite prevalent in our society.

Estrogen dominance (too much estrogen and not enough progesterone) is very common in premenopausal women and is causing heavy periods, breast tenderness, endometriosis, anxiety, mood problems. It can be easily tested and once diagnosed; it can be easily treated with bio-identical progesterone. Unfortunately, it still is common practice to treat it with the contraceptive pill with or without antidepressants.


As we age, our hormones start decreasing. The decrease in hormone levels speeds up the ageing process. Bio-identical hormone replacement makes a huge difference in the way people feel or age.

It improves general health, vitality, vigour, memory and appearance. However, there is a fine art in prescribing and monitoring the hormone replacement and should only be done by doctors with solid training.

Causes of Hormonal Imbalance:

· Aging and genetics
· Poor diets :excess carbohydrates, lack of healthy fats and oils, low fibre, insufficient vitamins, minerals and nutrients, processed foods
· Exposure to toxins: pesticides, preservatives, plastics, cosmetics, smoking
· Stress
· Lifestyle: lack of exercise, insufficient sleep, alcohol, smoking
· Poor general Health

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy:

· Protection against heart disease
· Protection against osteoporosis
· Anti-ageing
· Maintenance of the brain function
· Maintenance of libido and sexual function
· Maintenance of genital and urinary tract, less discomfort and urinary tract infections
· Weight maintenance
· Muscle mass and strength maintenance
· Feel and look younger and more energetic

Why Bio-identical Hormones?

A Bio-identical hormone is exactly the same as the one produced in the human body. It looks and it acts exactly like our natural hormone.

Benefits of Bio-identical hormones:

· Fewer side effects than synthetic hormones
· In the body they are metabolized in exactly the same manner as the body hormones
· Shorter half life, fast eliminated from the body
· Positive effect on cholesterol and cardio-vascular profile(C reactive protein)
· Do not depress serotonin and growth hormone
· Less propensity to cause weight gain
· Less hair loss and acne

Bio-identical hormones are plant derived and have the exact structure of our own hormones. They have a short half life and when prescribed properly, do not adversely affect our other hormones.

The bio-identical hormones are customised to each individual patient physiology and the dosage is adjusted according to your hormonal panel. HRT candidates are carefully screened and monitored.

Dr Bitlan has prescribed bio-identical hormones for many years and had outstanding results.

Hormonal Testing in Our Clinic

While testing the hormones in the blood is adequate for some hormones such as thyroid, the sex hormones blood levels do not adequately correlate with the hormonal state of the body and the condition remains under-diagnosed.

At our clinic we do blood testing as well as salivary and urinary hormones in order to get a holistic image of the hormonal balance.

We also perform tests to ensure that the hormones are correctly metabolized by our bodies and do not increase the cancer risk.

Hormone Replacement in Our Clinic

At our clinic we prescribe:

1. Progesterone

Symptoms of low progesterone:

· Insomnia or poor sleep
· Itchy, restless legs at night
· Anxiety, irritability, depression
· Heavy periods
· Bloating
· Fatigue

Progesterone replacement will cause:

· Improved sleep pattern

· Improved libido
· Cancer protection
· Improved thyroid function
· Improved fat metabolism
· Osteoporosis prevention
2. Estrogen

Low estrogen levels cause:

· Fatigue
· Hot flushes and night sweats
· Low libido
· Poor memory and concentration
· Joint aches’
· Vaginal dryness
· Urinary tract infections and incontinence

Estrogen replacement will result in:

· Relief of menopausal symptoms
· Improved memory and brain function
· Improved sex life
· Protection against Alzheimer’s disease
· Protection against cardiovascular disease
· Improved bone density
· Better skin and appearance

3. DHEA is a hormone synthetised from cholesterol and secreted by the adrenal glands. It starts diminishing in the 30’s and continues to drop throughout life. Exercise and low calorie diets increase the DHEA level. Longer lifespan associated with calorie restriction may be related to higher levels of DHEA.

Low levels of DHEA can cause:

· Fatigue
· Mental fog, memory issues
· Low stamina and low resistance to infections
· Reduced insulin sensitivity

DHEA replacement may:

· Provide increased energy
· Improve mental acuity
· Increase insulin sensitivity
· Reduce body inflammation

4. Testosterone . See Male Hormone Replacement

5. Pregnenolone is the”grandmother hormone” of all the hormones in the body: DHEA, Testosterone, Estrogen, Cortisol and aldosterone. It also has important direct actions.

It is extremely important for optimal mental performance and supports the neuronal cells in the brain. It enhances memory and mood. It has nerve growth ability and has been used in spinal cord injury patients and stroke patients.

6. Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland when stimulated by darkness. We have a pulse of melatonin release few hours after sundown. Melatonin induces restful, restorative sleep, regulates our sleep-wake cycle and stimulates our immune system. Studies have shown melatonin to reduce the risk of breast cancer in mice. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant that is able to enter the mitochondria and neutralize free radicals.

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