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Functional Medicine

What is Functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a form of preventative medicine that  recognises the link between genetic predisposition and the role that the environment and life style play in the genetic expression.

Functional medicine recognizes that the changes in the body composition, the oxidative stress, inflammation and auto-immunity are the  main mechanisms that cause most of the  chronic diseases.

The Functional Medicine Consultation is proactive, predictive and personalised:

  • Analyses your Genetic Predisposition for certain diseases.
  • Includes a thorough Lifestyle assessment.
  • Identifies the triggers of your medical problems.
  • Addresses the root causes and the triggers of your problems rather that just treating the symptoms.
  • Assesses your whole body and not just an isolated set of symptoms.
  • Identifies the relationship between your presenting symptoms and other systems in your body therefore predicting and preventing future disease.
  • May require functional pathology tests which uncover abnormalities and imbalances not picked up by conventional medicine tests.
  • In addition to conventional medicine therapies, it employs diet, supplements and lifestyle changes to restore your body balance.
  • The functional medicine treatments are specifically customised and tailored for you. They are not just a “one size fits all” prescription.

Examples of Functional Medicine Perspectives:

  • Gastrointestinal dysfunction and its links to chronic disease
  • Food sensitivities, allergies, and intolerances
  • Inflammation, immune imbalances, and autoimmunity
  • Toxins, toxicity, and impaired biotransformation
  • Insulin resistance and cardio-metabolic syndrome
  • Hormonal imbalance including adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones

Dr Daniela Bitlan specialises in Functional Medicine.

She is a Board Certified Physician by the American Academy of Anti ageing and Regenerative Medicine and is continuously undertaking medical courses to keep abreast with the rapidly changing field of medical development.

Due to its complexity, the initial functional medicine consultation takes at least 45 minutes and patients are advised to book the appropriate length of time. Patients are also advised to bring with them a copy of their previous medical tests.

In the beginning a disease is difficult to diagnose but easy to treat!

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