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HCG Weight Loss Protocol

“The three wishes of every man: to be healthy, to be rich by any means, and to be beautiful”. Plato

Today people take care of their health and appearance. Being fat is no longer fashionable. Being overweight is connected with many diseases. Being slim is a symbol of being healthy. Today staying slim is harder than ever.
Our  HCG Weight Loss Program offers Rapid, Steady, Comfortable, Effortless weight loss that :

  • results in fast visible results
  • has no toxicity or long term side effects
  •  is medically supervised
  •  has little or no hunger
  • loss of cravings for sugar and alcohol
  •  reduces snoring
  •  reduces blood pressure
  •  reduces cholesterol
  • eliminates  the BAD FAT
  •  heals the metabolism
  •  re-sculptures the body even before you lose all desired weight
  • increases self-confidence and self-esteem

This program offers the services of:
• qualified medical practitioner
• nutritionist
• psychologist
• counselor

What is HCG?

HCG is a hormone made by the placenta of pregnant women. During pregnancy it ensures that the baby gets a constant food supply from maternal fat stores.
 How does HCG WORK?
HCG works on the hypothalamus which is the area of the brain that controls the automatic animal functions.
The hypothalamus acts as a “fat bank “coordinating the fat storing and fat withdrawal from deposits. It also controls the thirst, hunger and satiety.
Obesity and abnormal fat accumulation can be seen as a specific hypothalamic deficiency.
HCG is treating this deficiency, transforming the body abnormal fat bank in a normal, healthy one.
The HCG assists the removal of stored fat while sparing lean muscle. It only targets the “abnormal fat” and not the normal or structural fat which is targeted by most starvation and low calorie diets.
HCG is not a sex hormone; its action is identical in women, men and children.
However, during the HCG weight loss program men are expected to lose more weight than women due to higher muscle mass as well as the testosterone stimulating action of HCG.
Likewise younger women with a faster metabolic rate will lose more than postmenopausal women.
HCG is also used in other medical treatments.
For women, HCG therapy is used to treat infertility as it promotes egg maturation and stimulation of ovulation. In men it stimulates the production of testosterone.
HCG was first used in weight loss in 1950s based on its ability to mobilize nutrition from maternal fat cells to the baby.
In 1950’s and 1960’s Dr A.T. Simeons , MD treated obese men and non-pregnant women with small doses of HCG while placing them on a diet of only 500 calories daily for 6 weeks.
The results were staggering:
• the average fat loss was half a kilogram/day
• People lost centimeters around the belly, hips and thighs and their figures became normal.
• There were no significant symptoms one would expect from a patient on very low calorie diet: hunger pangs, cravings, weakness etc.
• There was no quick weigh rebound as in other quick weight loss diets; in fact follow ups at 8 months and 1 year showed that most people maintained the weight loss.
 Our Protocol detailed:

People wishing to follow our program must commit to the followings:

  1.  Daily HCG subcutaneous injections for 3, 4 or 6 weeks
  2.  500 calorie daily diet consisting of specific foods
  3. Daily walking or low impact exercises for 30 minutes
  4.  Pharmaceutical nutrition and supplements for the duration of the program

Stages of the program:

Patient Assessment

Before starting the HCG diet the patient must have a medical consultation to assess the suitability for the program. During this consultation a thorough history and physical examination will be performed. Patients need to have a set of blood tests performed prior to starting the treatment. Ideally the body composition analysis is done prior to the diet in order to determine the surplus amount of abnormal fat and the muscle mass.

Phase 1: Preparation

In preparation for the HCG diet, one week prior to starting the daily HCG injections the patients must:
• take daily supplements of vitamins, minerals and supplements as advised
• start eliminating the “bad ” foods from the diet
• shop for the “good “foods from the lists provided
• start recording their food dairy in order to become accustomed with calorie counting
• familiarize with the HCG diet principles

Phase 2: daily HCG injections

This stage must last at least 21 days for the hypothalamus to re-set the body’s metabolic rate. The length of the program is determined by the amount of fat that needs to be lost. The maximum length of time is 6 weeks.
• Day 1 and 2: morning injections of HCG. During these first 2 days patients are advised to increase their caloric intake (“gorge”) in order to prepare the hypothalamus for the task ahead.
• On Day 3 patients must start the 500 calories/day diet in addition to the injections.
• The combination of injections and the restricted calorie diet must continue until day 21, 28, or …42 depending on how many weeks have been agreed on.
• Following the last HCG injection, the patient must continue the 500 calories diet for two more days. This is an essential part of the diet because it appears that if patients start eating normally while HCG is still in the body, they put on weight alarmingly fast at the end of the treatment.
• During this stage the patients must continue taking the supplements.
• Patients must drink at least 2.5 liters of water and tea throughout the day.
• It is recommended that while avoiding strenuous exercise, patients must do 30 minutes a day of light, low impact exercise and walking.

Phase 3: stabilization

• For the next 3 weeks after Phase 2, caloric intake may be increased to up to 1500 calories /day.
• Protein, fruit and vegetables can be eaten freely.
• Alcohol may be consumed.
• Starchy carbohydrates must be avoided.
• An increase in exercise, adding resistance training is recommended.

Phase 4: maintenance

Maintaining the weight loss long term is the goal of the HCG protocol. Patients are assessed at the end of the program, weighed and measured. Their biochemistry is reviewed.
To succeed in maintaining the weight loss and stay healthy, diet and lifestyle must be re-evaluated in order to avoid the bad habits that have caused the weight gain in the first place.

We operate as a team of dedicated professionals: doctor, nutritionist, naturopath, dietitian, exercise physiologist, psychologist, and counselor. We are happy to continue to manage and monitor each patient’s progress.

Patients requiring greater weight loss may undertake multiple courses:
• 6 weeks interval must be respected between the first and the second course
• 8 weeks between second and the third course etc.

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Diet4Shap HCG Diet Specialists

HCG diet is a program that helps people loose abnormal fat while being on a very low calorie diet. In the medical literature there is no consistent and substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction.
HCG diet can be a step towards achieving a healthier weight. However people have to look beyond this step, analyze and improve their lifestyles: nutrition, behaviors, exercise and stress management.

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