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Nutritional management

Nutritional Evaluation and Personalized Nutritional Prescription

A comprehensive health assessment must include a full nutritional evaluation.

Good nutritional management is fundamental to health and any medical intervention should start by addressing the lifestyle and nutrition.
There is ample evidence that there are strong links between:

Diet and genetic expression

· Diet and cancer
· Lifestyle and cardiovascular disease
· Lifestyle and longevity

At our clinic we perform routinely comprehensive nutritional assessments and prescribe individualized nutritional plans according to our findings.

Every patient is unique and our treatments are personalized and evidence based.

When do we suspect poor nutrition?

1. Tiredness, weight loss, recurrent infections, poor wound healing, amenorrhoea
2. Eating disorders or un-supplemented, restricted diets(vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic)
3. Chronic medical problems
4. Multiple medications causing nutrient depletion (metformin -B12, oral contraceptive -B vitamins,
antacids-anaemia, Fe, B12 , Calcium deficiency)
5. Obvious blood test abnormalities

How we evaluate a patient’s nutritional status:

6. Assessment of the nutritional state: weight, body composition analysis, thorough physical examination
7. Assessment of diet
8. Lifestyle assessment
9. Baseline blood tests
10. Oligoscan mineral and heavy metal analysis

Other tests if required:

11. Protein Status
12. Fatty acids Status
13. Vitamin Status
14. Antioxidant reserve
15. Organic acids
16. Genetic Testing

We investigate potential causes of poor nutrition:

17. Poor food intake
18. Poor digestion
19. Poor absorption
20. Metabolic blockages caused by toxins

Examples of nutritional deficiencies

Many people are deficient in minerals. Even with balanced diets, we see deficiencies because the soils are depleted
in minerals. Often multivitamin and mineral formulas provide Sydney beauty - Nutritional-assessmentadequate vitamins yet lack sufficient minerals due
to their bulk. High levels of one mineral may suppress the balance of another one. Copper/zinc balance is a classic example.

Classic signs of deficiencies:

1. Follicular keratitis can be related to deficiencies in zinc, vitaminA, essential fatty acids, pancreatic enzymes, B vitamins
2. Poor night vision can be linked to low vitamin A, zinc, astaxanthin and lutein
3. Brittle nails(correlate with low bone density) can be caused by low calcium, zinc, essential fatty acids, low stomach acid
4. Angular stomatitis and canker sores can be caused by low zinc, vitamins B2, B3, B6
5. Low zinc can cause: mental lethargy, decreased wound healing, acne, frequent colds, infections, dermatitis, infertility.

Dietary Prescriptions

Dietary recommendations are most controversial and often conflicting. While most of the serious chronic diseases are related to lifestyle, it can be extremely frustrating to try deciding what the best dietary plan is.

A few of the reasons:

· Various diets have been recommended and it is disheartening when diets that where promoted as healthy are now discouraged after having been used for decades with disastrous consequences.
· Individual genetic variation means that foods that are good for some people can be detrimental or less beneficial to others.
· Evolutionary, certain plans work at different stages
· Nutritional value of foods varies: organic vs non-organic, GMO vs non-GMO foods etc
· Nutritionism (the concept that the nutritional value of foods is the sum of the food components) is on the way out. These days we recognise that food can interact and result in either added benefits or added harm.
· How the food is prepared or processed may increase or decrease its nutritional value.
· The advent of genetic testing makes it very likely that in the close future we will be able to offer nutritional plans based on each patient’s genetic make up.

Doctor Bitlan is well familiar with the benefits and the pitfalls of the main diets: mediteranean, vegetarian, vegan, ketogenic, caloric restriction and intermittent fasting and after careful consideration of your individual presentation, can advise you as to what would be best for you.

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