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We really take pride in our work and here is some results from our patients.

These testimonials are verbatim – so please take the time to read them

Thank you for recommending the Scinderm Herbal Enzyme Lift treatment. As you know my skin was feeling and looking tired and dull. Half an hour later it feels soft, tight and smooth and my colour is amazing! What a lift!…painless and quick and love the result. Will be back for more.


Hi Dr Daniela, Ulla and team,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a huge THANK YOU for the great job you did with the filler for my smile lines. I woke up this morning just amazed at what a huge improvement there was, and I’m so thankful for your advice and artistry! Having only had you put filler in my lips (which you always do beautifully) I didn’t realize how much of a difference smoothing out my smile lines would make.
You’re a magician! Thank you!

Ulla is a professional that genuinely loves her work. She is honest and extremely generous with her time and her wealth of knowledge. Highly recommended!

Raylene Barton. Owner 1Skin Solution

The staff at the Beauty Clinic are always extremely friendly with an array of amazing beauty treatments! I love the glycolic peel – my skin feels amazing and glowing.


I have to say that I am a huge  fan of The Beauty Clinic. The staff are always very welcoming and are able to provide me with lots of different options for my skin concerns depending on my budget and time. I have had the opportunity to try lots of different treatments which have not only been super effective, the staff is well trained and their knowledge of products is great. The ladies at the Clinic have been able to educate me on looking after my skin and I always feel confident in the treatments that I get and am no longer scared of trying something new.


I never appreciated what a facial could do until I experienced the Beauty Clinic.  Treatments are cutting edge and are specifically tailored to the condition of my skin, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach of smelly moisturisers.  Since becoming a client I have seen such a dramatic improvement in the texture and appearance of my face.


I have always wanted to improve the complexion of my skin and have tried so many treatments, but nothing seemed to work, until a friend recommended I try The Beauty Clinic. Since my first visit my skin has totally changed. All my friends have told me how fantastic I’m looking and that my complexion appears so fresh and clear.
Combining their professional approach and excellent product knowledge they provide treatments that have made my skin look and feel younger. I am very confident in the service I receive and know the staff are very thorough and ensure all their treatments are individually tailored to each client’s specific needs.
The Beauty Clinic’s caring and professional team combined with a relaxing atmosphere makes you feel comfortable and builds trust with clients which is exactly what you should feel when getting treatments. I couldn’t recommend The Beauty Clinic enough to anyone after proven results.

I have been a regular client of the Beauty Clinic for almost 9 months now and am really happy with both the results and the wonderful service they provide.
I came to the ladies concerned with my skin tone and had issues with pigmentation around my chin and forehead that I was quite self conscious about. After regular treatments of Glycolic Facials, an IPL treatment and combined with a recommended take home treatment, the results are very evident and I couldn’t be happier.
Whilst the results of my skin speaks for itself, it has to be the personalised service, follow up and regular specials and promotions that Daniella, Ulla & Alla share with their valued clients that I really enjoy and makes the Beauty Clinic stand out from other clinics and salons. The team pride themselves on new techniques and continually keeping themselves up to date on latest technologies and make it their aim to inform and educate their clients too.
Thank you ladies for looking after me and my skin.
Bel, 35

For the past 7 months Ulla has revolutionised my skin care regime recommending fabulous products and regular peels that reduce my freckles and also putting me under some more ‘rigorous’ treatments to reduce my frown lines and scarring. I have spend 39 years of feeling self conscious about my uneven lip line and scaring on my upper lip this scar has been severely reduced and evened out through just one fractional laser treatment and I now have even more even lip line due to filler in my lips. I have also been able to wear v-neck t-shirts after a laser treatment and a peel on my decolletage removed a lot of unsightly sun damage.
I put total trust in Ulla and Daniela and I can honestly say I have never felt more confident about my looks (nor had so many compliments), and intend to continue to maintain my skin using their professional advice. Thanks to them I am confidently celebrating my 40th this year with a ‘Forty is the new 20’ theme!! Hooray!!

on Pearl treatment Feb 2010

“I am an 46 year old entertainer who has been performing for most of my life. In my industry my appearance is my product, so looking youthful and fresh is vital.  They say “You are only as good as your last gig”

In the last couple of years I began noticing that people were looking at me differently and would ask me how old I was.  I even noticed younger people treating me as if I was an oldy and not an equal.  Age to me was starting to become a barrier. Well,  I decided to get better not bitter!   So this is when I decided to do something about it so I made a choice to rewind the clock and make me look BETTER.

I met Dr Daniela Bitlan and here wonderful team at the Sydney Medical, Dental & Cosmetic centre.  In my industry I meet a lot of people from all warps of life and you develop a strong discernment to who is genuine, honest and professional in all that they do and who are not.  I needed to meet the right people to help me on my journey to look better.

After meeting with Dr Bitlan and her team I immediately had that peaceful feeling that this was the place to be. Everything they explained and suggested to me made complete sense. I put my trust into them and I am so glad I listened to my heart because everything turned out just wonderfully. For me I needed my crows feet to go and for my eye area to look young and fresh again.  I was told all about the Amazing fractional and Pearl Laser treatment.

Let me say to anyone thinking about doing this procedure…don’t hesitate! Just trust and do it because it works. It’s like a small miracle and I still cant believe the results. I thought the results would be great, yet to my amazement, the results are even better than what I expected.  The pain whist having the treatment was minimal (I would say it’s no more pain than having your hair pulled through a cap for streaks). Your first given numbing cream all over the area which takes effect over 60min. Plus you have the choice of laughing gas during the procedure (loved that gas). They then put these metal eye covers into the socket of you eye to protect so they could work closer around the eye.  After I went home the pain was that of bad sunburn. With some panadol this was not even noticeable. I had the treatment on a Monday and it was completely healed with the new me on Friday.  I look fabulous and my friends can’t believe it. They say it has taken 10 years of my age. Thanks to the team at Sydney Medical, Dental & Cosmetic centre, they have turned back the clock for an entertainer to continue doing what I love to do. It has given me a revamp of my spirit , more confidence and a new lease on life.  So thanks a million! ”

Two weeks ago, I visited the beauty clinic on Pitt street with a hope of finally getting rid of last one inch of fat around knees, calves and ankles. I was never overweight nor obese, however that particular part of my body has been stubborn and never quite reacted to gym exercise nor hot yoga.
The clinic was bright and clean. Ulla was a very professional lady, knowledgeable of any beauty treatments not limited to fat reduction. She explained to me how the ultra sound breakdown fat cells into fluid form and to be eliminated from body through the normal process of metabolism.
During the treatment session, it was not quite comfortable with the ultrasound echo through my brain – however it made me feel assured that machine is causing some effect on my body. Unlike some machines that are kept tied with band, the beautician slowly kept rubbing my calves with the instrument and it felt like having a light massage.
After the session, I felt my calves were visibly toned and light, however it reduced only half a centimetres or so right after. As advised at the clinic, I avoided caffeine and tried to drink as much water as possible following days.
It has been one and half weeks since the treatment. My left calve is almost a centimetre slimmer, and right calve is half a centimetre less. Considering my calves are not huge size, this is a great improvement after only one treatment. I will most likely come back for the second treatment next month.


on Pearl treatment Sept 2009

” I decided to have the Pearl Treatment done to even out my skin tone and lighten the pigmentation on my face caused from years of sun damage.

I am extremely happy with the outcome. Not only have I now got a more even complexion,  I also got fewer fine lines around the eye area making my skin look younger and fresher.

I’ve even had comments from family and friends about how good my skin is looking.

I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who wants a and chance at having great skin.”


on Pearl Fractional treatment Sept 2009

” Would I do it again?

Did I understand what the procedure actually entailed?
Absolutely not!

If you are older –   I’m nearly 60 – you may need a deeper level of treatment that will have a longer recovery time

.  Give yourself a good 10 days.  Stock up on videos and white vinegar and stay cocooned in your home for a week or so and be prepared to look ‘awful’.

Literally you can’t put your face outside the door or you  just might ‘frighten the horses’.

Two weeks after the procedure I had no reservations saying it was absolutely worth it!

On Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

” Hi Daniela,

I’ve been meaning to thank you for getting me onto the platlet rich plasma injections. This is by far the most effective anti-ageing treatment I have had. As you know I’ve tried a number of cosmetic procedures to try to reduce the wrinkles around my eyes, reverse sun damage and improve the appearance of my skin. I’ve tried your Botox, which is great and I will continue to use. However while the botox prevents wrinkles I felt I needed something more to improve the look of my skin, particularly around my eyes. The skin was looking sunken, fragile, and was starting to sag, and although the botox prevented the wrinkles from getting any worse, I really needed something to plump it up and make it look stronger and firmer. I tried Juvederm, which I thought was quite good. I noticed the improvement immediately. I liked it so much that a few months later when it wore off I came in for a top up. The second time round I was not as happy with it. One eye looked lumpy, and it felt a little uncomfortable, like I had a lump under my skin.

While the juvederm was great for the nasolabial folds, I wasn’t completely happy with how it looked around my eyes. I just felt like it was an injection of putty or something hard, inserted under my skin and it wasn’t actually doing anything for my skin. It was uncomfortable and my skin still looked thin and fragile. It was around this time that you recommended a new procedure – the platlette rich plasma injections.

Ok so these are painful, and the first time I had it done my eyes swelled up so much I looked like catwoman. But despite the pain, and despite the swelling, it is so worth it. The results are outstanding! I cant believe how much better I look. I love my eyes now! The skin around them is firm and plump, there are no wrinkles, the skin looks stronger and healthier, and I look younger and have more confidence.

This is by far the most effective treatment. I am so greatful to you for telling me about this and for doing such a wonderful job each time you perform the procedure.

Best regards ”

What can I say? A visit to The Beauty Clinic at 70 Pitt Street is always an escape island for both body and soul from everyday life hustle.I haven’t done any major procedures yet except for maintenance facials but I always leave the place rejuvenated and revived, also feeling a bit lighter and happier.Gorgeous, colourful ladies attending to your needs in a relaxing, soothing shades private rooms, a non-invasive tune in the background and plenty of explanation on a forthcoming procedure if need be. Great experience!







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