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Thyroid Hormones Imbalances

About Thyroid Hormones

Thyroid hormones are essential for life and optimal levels are required for optimal functioning of the body.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine only replaces the thyroid hormones when the indirect testing shows it to be low.

In our clinic we perform a full comprehensive thyroid assessment: TSH, freeT4, free T3, reverse T3, Thyroid auto antibodies, iodine and selenium levels. We also test for the causes of low thyroid hormone: thyroid-hormones Sydney CBDmercury toxicity, auto-immune deregulation, celiac disease. Thyroid gland is not assessed in isolation but in the context of whole body hormonal state. Replacement of low thyroid hormones and the balancing of the entire hormonal cascade bring a very significant improvement in the quality of life.

Symptoms of low thyroid:

· Weight gain and difficulty losing weight
· Fatigue
· Mental and physical slowness
· Feeling cold
· Constipation
· Dry skin and hair
· Hair loss
· Puffiness around the eyes and pallor
· Muscle weakness
· High cholesterol
· Risk of heart disease

Thyroid hormone replacement will result in:

· Optimal control of the metabolic rate and weight maintenance
· Good energy levels
· Improved concentration
· Improvement of the lipid profile
· Improved cardiovascular health
· Balanced body temperature

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