Win-Win Over Xmas weight gain

Win-Win Over Xmas weight gain

The “win- win” pact between having fun and not putting on weight around Xmas

There is absolutely no doubt that the Diet4Shape weight loss program works. It is an easy and successful weight loss program. We have helped hundreds of people lose unwanted fat and become healthier.

However we have to remember that this program should not be used to compensate for “Festive Gluttony”. The idea that we can eat as much as we want now and do a HCG course in the New Year is not what we aim to achieve.

The festive season is usually the time when we let ourselves “go”. It is usually a time of indulgence. After living throughout the year bound to all kind of restrictions, it is only natural for those 10 or so days around Xmas and New Year to want to forget about limits, fear, responsibilities.

What you can do

1- go to parties

2- enjoy the traditional foods

3- drink alcohol

What you can’t do

1- Put on weight

The thought that “we can enjoy everything now regardless and we’ll cope with the consequences in the New Year” is not ideal. The New Year Resolutions are about achievement and progress rather than damage repair.

Start The New Year Resolutions NOW!

Health and Body Fat are inversely related. Health is esential for us to function. We have to maintain health for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, for all the loved ones. Weight gain around Xmas is a step backwards which we should avoid.

Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Weigh every morning and record the weight with a marker record the weight on the left corner of the bathroom mirror.

2. Start recording all your food intake in “” . Do not forget to add the alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Your normal daily intake is roughly :

Ideal weight( for height, gender and age)  –  Get from Google search  for Ideal weight tables.


I am a 54 years old female of 177 cm.

To find my ideal weight ( Google ideal weight tables) is 71 kilograms.

My caloric intake should not exceed

71Kg X 2 X 10 = 1420 Kcal/day (foods and alcohol).

Start doing this exercise every day : it will help you stay focused.

3. Pre season Detox:

· Clean the fridge and stock with vegetables and lean meats.

· Make a weekly meal plan.

· Cook and freeze “healthy soups”.

· Start every day with a large glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice.

· Bring lunch from home or get a healthy lunch when available: should be raw or steamed vegetables and some meat or non animal protein.

· Start diner with one of the soups or a fresh salad.

· Have at least 4 cups of good quality green tea/day. Green tea has been shown to be an excellent antioxidant which stimulates fat burning.

· Give your liver a break and limit your alcohol intake. Try to not drink alcohol 5 nights a week and have maximum 2 standard drinks at the weekend or on special occasions.

· Consider not eating after 6 pm on at least 3 nights/week and try overnight fast of 12-14 hours.

· Stay away from “white foods”(white bread, pasta, potatoes).

· Increase your energy expenditure by 20% of your ideal caloric intake. If my intake should be 1420 calories a day, I should use up 20% of it i.e:284 calories (142×2) through exercise. Be mindful of this and try your best. Walking is a great way of using calories and relaxing.

· Try to involve your family, partner, friend or colleague in a similar routine and compare results.

Reaching the Xmas and the rest of the holiday in a good shape will boost your moral and help you stay focused. It will give you a sense of being in control which is very empowering.

As for the actual holidays there is wealth of advice available on the web:

· Portion control

· Water, water , water

· Limit alcohol

· Eat slowly

But don’t forget: the key to success is in preparation: Prepare mentally and physically for the festive season and you will be successful. You will step in the New Year in a great physical and psychological frame and next year will bring more and more success.

Remember : you are the driver!

And if you have not achieved your ideal body fat composition yet:

Diet4shape HCG fat loss program is a great way to lose fat and reclaim your health.

We will be open from the 5th of January and happy to assist you.