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The beauty Clinic @70 Pitt St

At the Beauty Clinic we wish to advise our clients and patients about the latest treatments on offer at our modern and diversified clinic.
 Aesthetic medicine is one of the most dynamic areas of medicine. Correcting imperfections, erasing damages caused by the passage of time, helping people achieve the looks they have previously only dreamt of, is becoming increasingly feasible and more affordable.
  We endeavor to address most of people’s concerns in a “one stop shop”:
  Our treatments are tailored to people’s specific needs. They could be a combination of facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, wrinkle injections, fillers, laser and IPL treatments.
  Aware of the time constraints that most people face, we try to schedule our treatments in such a manner that people spend less money and time, while undergoing complex treatments with minimal pain and recovery downtime.

Short of plastic surgery we offer a wide range of services, employ well-trained staff, latest approved products and the best available technology.

A happy and satisfied patient is our best reward.

Dr. Daniela Bitlan

9233 3399


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Professional Solutions

  • Dull skin or large pores
  • Sunspots/Pigmentation
  • Acne and scars
  • Wrinkles Anti-wrinkle treatments
  • Sagging face or cheeks
  • Hair removal
  • Skin tightening
  • Skin smoothing

  • Thinning lips
  • Nose reshaping
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Unwanted face or leg veins
  • HCG diet
  • Beauty products
  • Cryolipolysis – Fat Freezing
  • RF Micro Needling
  • Mesotherapy


Mesotherapy Vital -Injector


Cosmetic mesotherapy is a treatment, which is capable of improving the majority of cosmetic issues by providing small quantities of active ingredients directly to the area where they are needed.  In conventional mesotherapy treatments these ingredients are administered via microinjections into the mesodermic layer of the skin where they act as slow release medication.

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Cryolipolysis  (fat freezing) is  the safe, effective, nonsurgical removal of stubborn fat deposits using a fat freezing machine. Cryolipolysis is a relatively new cosmetic procedure which has become popular due to its effectiveness and lack of significant side effects and downtime.

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Micro RF Needling

Micro needling Radio Frequency (MRF) combines two anti-ageing technologies: skin needling and radio frequency. While both micro-needling and radio frequency have been successfully used for a number of years, the “marriage “of both technologies into one offers very significant advantages:

· Significantly less pain
· Significantly less epidermal damage
· Significantly improved results
· Suitable for all skin types

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Hair removal

Cutera Coolglide and Prowave770 for hair removal
The Cutera CoolGlide and Prowave770 are the most outstanding laser/IPL hair removal systems on the market for all skin types, from light to dark, including tanned patients. Their unique design, longer wavelength, and innovative cooling allow extremely effective, safe and permanent results.

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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels involve one or more exfoliating agents being applied to the skin to remove upper layers of dead skin cells and stimulate the production of new cells.
They are an excellent way to refresh the skin, remove sun damage and excess pigmentation and treat acne. Peels are classified as superficial, medium depth or deep peels, depending on what is being treated.

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ThermiSmooth  skin tightening is a radiofrequency device that delivers sustained heat above 40 degrees Celsius to the skin. The heat will cause he collagen to shrink and the fibroblasts to make more collagen over a period of time.

As a result the skin tightens and the effects of ageing are reduced.

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Cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections:
In today’s competitive social and business environment, looking young, fresh and relaxed has almost become imperative. Injections for the treatment of facial wrinkles has become one of the most popular aesthetic procedures performed these days.

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We use 2 different kind of collagen inducing fillers that are bioresorbable, non-permanent implants.Principal components are well known soft medical polymers that has excellent safety profile. As an injectable implant, they give a long lasting correction of wrinkles and other connective tissue imperfections by using the body’s own natural response to stimulate the formation of connective tissue. Due to unique physical properties the total biosorbablity is predictable, controlled and tunable.

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Chinese home
Chinese home

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