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    Wrinkles and Lines



    Muscle Contraction
    Volume loss
    Ageing,skin thinning, dehydration


    Anti-wrinkle injections
    Dermal Fillers
    Skin Needling
    Laser resurfacing
    High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

    Our Strategy

    We have many weapons, but years of experience and studying allow us to pick up the most effective weapons and deliver them in the most adequate combination and sequence to eliminate the problem, build follow up defence and keep the “enemy” at bay for as long as possible.


    Why Choose Us?

    Dr Bitlan and the staff at the B&CC strive for excellent outcomes. We understand the emotions associated with age related changes in your appearance and tailor treatment plans to suit your individual goals.

    We do not pressure our patients into buying treatments. We consult with our patients and perform a holistic aesthetic assessment while considering all their cosmetic concerns.  We discuss the latest cosmetic developments and treatment alternatives (when appropriate), allowing people to make decisions that suit their expectations and budget.

    A distinctive feature of our clinic is the emphasis on “Natural Looks” and avoiding the “Obvious Work” (facial overfilled syndrome, ducky lips etc)

     During the treatment program we monitor your progress and make necessary modifications when required. We are always available when you need us.

     We prepare patients for the more invasive procedures in order to enhance the outcomes and prevent complications. Priming the skin with special products helps people healing faster and avoids the occurrence of pigmentation, infections etc.

    Aftercare is most important to us in order to make sure that we delivered and our customers are fully satisfied with the treatment outcomes.

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