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    Lift and Tighten

    Non surgical & Non invasive & Safe & Proven

    Am I a good candidate?

    The answer is “Yes” if :

    • You notice that your skin has lost elasticity and tautness.
    • Your skin started to sag: cheeks, jaw line, marionettes, etc.
    • You wish to slow down the ageing process.
    • You are not yet ready for the knife.

    Our Treatments

    The following treatments are available in our clinic:

    • HIFU skin tightening: Ultraformer III
    • Hollywood Lift
    • RF skin tightening: Infini RF
    • Fractional Laser resurfacing: Pearl Fractional
    • Thread lifting
    • Fillers and collagen inducers
    • Skin Needling and PRP

    Our Strategy

    The success of the skin lifting treatments depends on how the procedures listed above are combined and sequenced.

    It is important to make a thorough assessment of the facial structure, skin type, presence or absence of subcutaneous fat, etc.

    When we combine treatments, we make sure that they work synergistically and complement each other.

    We recommend treating all layers of the face and neck for a superior, natural and longer lasting effect.

    Why choose the Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic?

    Over the years we have produced hundreds of exceptional results.

    We are a medical clinic and all our treatments are supervised by an experienced and competent doctor.

    Our clinicians have a great “artistic eye” and will help you choose the most suitable procedures.

    We have experienced practitioners, competent with effectively performing treatments and using the latest technologies.

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