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    Am I a good candidate?

    You are a good candidate for Rosacea treatment if:

    • You experience frequent facial flushing.
    • Your skin looks dry and inflamed and it burns when applying creams.
    • You face appears red and bumpy.
    • You have visible blood vessels on a background of redness.
    • You notice skin thickening, typically on the nose which can become bumpy and enlarged.
    • You experience sensitivity to multiple skin products.

    Our Treatments

    For Rosacea treatment we combine the following procedures:

    • Medical consultation to identify and correct the triggers for Rosacea
    • Specialised cosmetic creams to treat Rosacea and repair the skin barrier.
    • Limelight IPL.
    • Cutera Laser Genesis.
    • Mesotherapy and PRP.
    • LED light treatment.

    Our Strategy

    Is illustrated by The Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic “Rosacea Reversal Plan”

    When approached by a Rosacea sufferer, we conduct a thorough medical and nutritional assessment in order to identify and correct potential triggers or aggravating factors.

    Rosacea is a chronic skin disease and must be treated appropriately according to its stage and severity.

    This is the reason why we created The Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic “Rosacea Reversal Plan” where we use a combination of above treatments in order to get the best outcomes. We work closely with our patients and give them treatment options to suit their preferences.

    Our advanced equipment in the hands of our highly experienced doctor and clinicians has consistently produced spectacular results.

    Why choose the Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic?

    As a medical clinic, we are able to offer more than just aesthetic treatments.

    We combine medical and cosmetic treatments for the best outcome.

    We investigate our patients to identify lifestyle, dietary and medical triggers.

    We are able to prescribe appropriate medications and medical strength cosmoceuticals.

    Patient education is crucial in maintaining long term remissions.

    Consequently, we put great emphasis on patients understanding the nature of Rosacea and the avoidance  their specific triggers.

    Long term results require maintaining  the recommended home skincare regime. 

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