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Facial vein removal

Facial veins and broken capillaries are unsightly

Am I a good candidate?

The answer is “Yes”, if you have:

  • Tiny red threads on the nose, cheek area or chin.
  • Large bluish veins around temples, eye area or naso-labial folds.
  • Facial teleangiectasia.

Our Treatments

In our clinic we use:

  • Cutera Coolglide laser
  • Cutera Limelight IPL

Our Strategy

Facial veins can be treated safely and successfully

Depending on their size and location, we can treat your facial veins by combining the above technologies.
Most likely people will need two sessions for successful removal.

Why choose the Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic?

Treatment of facial blood vessels should only be performed by experienced practitioners.

While our equipment is very advanced and versatile, when we treat facial blood vessels we have to use extreme caution in order to avoid complications.
Our doctor and clinicians have the skill and the experience to provide safe and comfortable treatments.

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