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    Asian Cosmetic Concerns

    Am I a good candidate?

    What are the main cosmetic concerns of people of Asian heritage?

    • Skin related concerns:
      • Disorders of pigmentation
      • Acne
      • Keloid scars
      • Increased sensitivity
    • Non surgical nose enhancement
    • Correction of the Jaw line and masseter reduction
    • Calf muscle reduction

    Our Treatments

    Careful selection of treatments is required for the Asian skin types

    Cosmoceuticals for Asian Skin types must account for the fact that the Asian skin is more oily, more sensitive to certain ingredients such as topical vitamin A. We prescribe medical grade cosmoceuticals perfectly compatible with the Asian skin.

    Energy Based Devices suitable for Asians : radiofrequency, needling, HIFU and Q switched lasers are ideal for the Asian skin phenotypes whereas great care has to be taken when using certain lasers and IPL.

    Chemical Peels suitable for Asians:
    Taking into account the fact that the Asian skin is more sensitive and prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, chemical peels such as glycolic acid, Jessner’s or salicylic peel can be successfully performed. We always prepare the skin in advance and we start with low concentrations in order to assess the patient’s sensitivity and reactivity.

    Fillers , threads and anti-wrinkle injections can be safely performed in any skin type.

    Why choose the Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic?

    We are a medical aesthetic clinic and our experience is derived from having successfully treated hundreds of Asian patients. In fact we are treating a large number of patients that come from Asia just to have treatments performed by us.

    We have Asian staff members that will be able to communicate with you efficiently and treat you successfully.

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