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    Pigmentation and Melasma

    Our “Bright Skin Packages”  will give you the best possible outcome.

    Am I a good candidate?

    The answer is “Yes” if you suffer with:

    • Mottled pigmentation due to sun damage
    • “Mask like” hormonal pigmentation
    • Certain congenital pigmented lesions
    • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

    Our Treatments

    The Beauty & Cosmetic Clinic offers a variety of treatments to improve pigmentation and melasma including:

    • Medical grade pigment inhibitor creams containing ingredients such as hydroquinone, kojic acid and azelaic acid
    • Skin booster creams including ingredients such as skin anti-oxidants, vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin A to assist the skin’s ability to prevent pigmentation
    • Laser Pigment Removal: Q Switched laser, IPL, Fractional Laser
    • Skin needling and mesotherapy
    • Chemical peels such as :
      • Glycolic Peels
      • Retinol Peels
      • Jessner Peels
      • Yellow Peels
      • TCA peels


    Our Strategy

    Successful outcome when treating pigmentation and melasma depends on choosing the correct treatment for each patient’s skin type.

    At The Beauty Clinic there is an emphasis on correct diagnosis. This is important as Melasma for instance, is different from other types of skin pigmentation and requires specific treatments.

    The “Beauty Clinic Bright Skin Packages” are comprehensive treatment programs consisting of:

    • Pre-teatment facial assessment
    • Highly effective home care programs
    • Specialised chemical peels
    • Tailored  energy based treatments

    In other words we do not only remove existing pigmentation, but act on blocking future pigment production.

    In order to prevent the relapse of pigmentation, we educate our patients about the condition, its triggers and give them  the effective tools to fight the recurrence in the future.

    Why choose the Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic?

    Safety First

    Skin pigmentation can be caused by certain medical conditions.

    In our clinic we conduct a thorough medical assessment to exclude the possibility of underlying pathology.

    The treatment of skin pigmentation is one of the areas of cosmetic dermatology where the type and the intensity of the chosen treatment must be adjusted to the patient’s skin type and ethnicity.

    Skin pigmentation is common, stubborn and often resistant to many treatments. Persistence and patience are essential when treating pigment disorders.

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