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    Hand Rejuvenation

    Ageing hands are a major cosmetic concern because, hands are believed to show the “true age”.

    Am I a good candidate?

    The answer is “Yes” if you wish to erase the signs of hand ageing and have them look smooth, plump and younger again.

    Signs of aging often appear first on our hands. The hands are exposed to sun and chemicals and show signs of ageing such as: dark spots, dominant veins, loss of skin elasticity, loss of volume, deep wrinkles and sunken inter-digital spaces.

    Our Treatments

    Our wide range of treatments can reverse the signs of skin ageing:

    DermalFillers and collagen inducers
    Lasers and IPL
    Chemical Peels
    Microneedling Radiofrequency
    PRP and mesotherapy

    Our Strategy

    With all the above “weapons” at our disposal, we will tailor our treatments to achieve your expectations.

    The process of hand rejuvenation consists of two stages:

    • Volume restoration
    • Treatments to improve the skin texture and pigmentation

    How do we restore the hands volume?

    The best products to replace the volume loss are: calcium hydroxyapatite, hyaluronic acid gels and PRP. Both hands are being treated in one session, usually using a cannula through just one entry point.

    How do we treat the skin texture?

    At our clinic we  can use alone or in combination, treatments such as: lasers, IPL,  radiofrequency, chemical peels, PRP and mesotherapy.

    Why choose the Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic?

    Choose us because of our practitioners have great skills and excellent reputation!

    While most people undergo facial rejuvenation treatments, volumetric hand rejuvenation is an important anti-ageing treatment that ensures that the hands are matching the youthful appearance.

    At our clinic we have had excellent results in hand rejuvenation by providing good patient evaluation,  respecting the hand anatomy and using only high quality products.

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