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Glycolic Peel


A Glycolic peel is a type of chemical peel that is very popular and also the mildest type. The Glycolic acid that is used in the peel is all natural, derived from sugar. Glycolic acid is part of the alpha hydroyx acid group. This type of peel targets the top layer of the skin that is considered to be a superficial peel. It is a clear liquid that comes in various strengths starting at 30%, and goes up to 75% in concentration.

Glycolic Peel Benefits

Glycolic peels can help benefit the skin in many ways. They will repair the skin by helping reduce any acne on the face. They will deep clean the pores, shrink the pores, and eliminate blackheads. Glycolic acid is known to even out skin tones, brighten the skin, and smooth out rough skin. Fine wrinkles and lines can be diminished, and existing acne marks will be faded. Hyper pigmentation of the skin will be faded, and collagen production will be stimulated.

A Glycolic peel can be done in the office of a dermatologist and is considered to be an outpatient procedure, meaning you will be able to leave once the procedure is done. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed to begin with, and then a solution of Glycolic acid will be applied to the face.

The Glycolic acid will be allowed to sit on the skin to penetrate it for a determined amount of time and then will be washed off. Usually with the first treatment, the solution will only be left on for a minute, and gradually the time will be increased, as your skin tolerates the Glycolic acid. The skin may feel a burning or stinging sensation but will not last too long. The skin will turn red, and can continue to be red for a few hours to a few days after the peel is performed. If a peel is done in a dermatologist’s office or at a spa, a cooling fan will most likely be used to cool the skin and reduce the burning sensation.

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