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The Beauty Club Membership

The Beauty Club Membership offered by the clinic aims to enroll people in a skin fitness regimen to become “beauty builders”. The membership fee is $3,600 and it includes a complimentary initial assessment program, consultations with Doctor Bitlan and one of their Dermal Therapists, and a yearly skin program based on the clinical findings and member’s concerns.

The Beauty Club Membership provides regular monthly treatments for 12 months that address aging at all skin levels: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. Members can choose between 1 Laser Treatment or 1 Meso Therapy Treatment each month and 1 LED Light Therapy Treatment.

The membership offers a 10% discount on any skincare products and other energy-based treatments like HIFU, Skin Needling, and INFINI RF Microneedling, as well as on Dr’s treatments like Injectables and Threads. Members also get 6 laser or IPL treatments and 6 Meso Therapy Skin Boosters, which are included in the membership, and 12 LED light treatments that augment the results of their treatment and ensure faster recovery.

During the year, the skin progress is assessed, and changes can be made to optimize the member’s experience. Membership needs to be finished in 12 months, and no credits are carried forward at the end of the membership year. Treatments are to be performed by any of the clinic’s clinicians, and the membership benefits are not transferable. The membership can be frozen with 4 weeks’ notice, with no additional fee (Maximum 8 weeks, 1 freeze per year).

Interested individuals can contact the clinic on 02 9233 3399 ext.2 to book their first membership appointment now.

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