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Package Treatments

Buy package treatments and save!

We provide a range of package treatments that are single or multiple types of treatments over a defined period of time.

The goal is to achieve a result for each specific patient by multiplying a single treatment or combining multiple treatments.

Those include but are also totally customisable to the patients requirements .

  • China Doll
  • Q Switched laser pigmentation
  • Laser Genesis
  • Ultraformer III
  • PRP
  • RF Contctless weight loss

Purchase of a package treatment has the benifit of a significant discount from the list price of the treatment(s) provided.


Package treatments are non refundable and the full treatment protocol must be completed in the defined time plus 1 month’s leeway.
Breaking of packages may be allowed at the clinic’s discretion and a credit of the balance based on the full treatment price  (not the package treatment price) only will be provided. This credit will be valid for 30 days.



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