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Meso Hydration and Nourishing – The “Ultimate Skin Moisturizer”

The Beauty Clinic at 70 pitt st - Meso Hydration and Nourishing

Performed By Dr Bitlan

Launched in Australia in August 2022, an “unique” skin booster is now available in our clinic.

How Does It Work?

  • The product is a mixture of high molecular hyaluronic acid (tightens the skin without altering the facial features) and low molecular hyaluronic acid (which ensures enhanced hydration and better longevity).
  • It is typically injected deep, in the skin, in five points on mid and lower face and similarly on the neck.

The product spreads from the injection site over the whole face and neck, improving the entire appearance


  • This treatment will make your skin look younger, fresher, and healthier within 24 hours.
  • Results will last from 6 to 9 months and even up to 1 year depending on individual factors such as skin type, age, and lifestyle.
  • Recent studies have shown that injecting hyaluronic acid in the skin does not only replace the age-related loss but also stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, skin immunity and regeneration.
  • This product gives instant benefits through accelerated hydration as well as delayed ones as collagen and elastin are stimulated at about six weeks to three months.
  • Using The Ultimate Skin Hydrator on a regular basis ensures that our skin is maintained in optimal condition and ageing is delayed.


  • This serum can be used by anyone wishing to maintain their skin shiny, firm and well hydrated.
  • It is an excellent “Red Carpet ” adjuvant who will lift your appearance fast.
  • We recommend it to people with aged, dehydrated and hormonally depleted skin
  • It gives excellent results in neck rejuvenation

Treatment Protocol

The suggested protocol involves two sessions one month apart with a top up at six to nine months.

**The Ultimate Skin Moisturizer

  • is not a dermal filler, it will not change your face shape.
  • it requires two sessions, one month apart with a repeat at 6-9 months for optimal maintenance.
  • While, immediately after the treatment, there may be swelling at the injection site, this subsides within 24 hours and we can say that practically, there is no downtime.
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