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Skin bio-stimulation and bio-revitalization

The Beauty Clinic Sydney CBD - Skin bio-stimulation and bio-revitalization

Aesthetic medicine uses many injective techniques; bio stimulation (BS) and bio revitalization (BR) are among these.

Bio stimulation indicates the stimulation of the skin fibroblasts to replicate, make collagen and other proteins as well as produce the extracellular matrix. Bio stimulation can be achieved using physical methods (needling, energy-based devices: lasers, radiofrequency, HIFU) or by injecting specific chemicals (such as polynucleotides).

Bio revitalization indicates direct administration (via intradermal micro-injections) of hyaluronic acid and other vital molecules (vitamins, peptides, minerals) to provide essential components for skin function.

Both bio stimulation and bio revitalization are essential for optimal skin functioning and anti-aging.

Bio stimulation without bio revitalization resemble turning on an engine when the tank is empty (The fibroblast is turned on but doesn’t have the ingredients to make collagen). Conversely, bio revitalization without stimulation means that the engine does not start even when the tank is full.

In our clinic we put a lot of effort in keeping up with the latest evidence-based treatments that can ensure optimal anti-aging results.

Mesotherapy refers to the direct injections into the dermis of chemical biostimulators such as PDRN, PN, PRP, or biorevitalizors such as hyaluronic acid, aminoacids, vitamins and minerals.

Below, finds a description of the Mesotherapy boosters we use in our clinic.

Due to regulations, we are unable to print their commercial names and we will refer to them according to their main actions:

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