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Anti Acne Treatments

Acne Treatments Overview

Acne  treatments is one of the most common, challenging and most successful treatments performed at The Beauty Clinic.

For many people acne is a severe problem with recurrent outbreaks that can leave long lasting scarring. The problem is even worse in people with darker skin where acne outbreaks are followed by unsightly pigmentation.

What Causes Acne?

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Stress and poor diet
  • Medications

Acne can present in different forms:

  • comedonal
  • pustular
  • cystic
  • scarring and pigmentation

Frequently, different forms of acne co-exist in one patient at one time.

It is extremely important to diagnose and treat acne early and correctly in order to prevent scarring, pigmentation and devastating psychological sequels.

Doctor Bitlan specializes in the treatment of acne and has successfully treated hundred of severely affected people.

How do we treat acne?

  1. We take a careful history to identify the causes and the predisposing factors
  2. We diagnose the type and the stage of acne in order to correctly choose:
  • The best intervention
  • The appropriate skin level to treat
  • The logical sequence of interventions
  • The best treatment combinations
  1. Correct the predisposing factors: hormonal imbalances, detoxification, lifestyle

At The Beauty Clinic we design individualised anti-acne programs that may involve medical grade oral and topical products, chemical peels, mesotherapy, photodynamic therapy, skin needling and laser resurfacing.

Our Acne treatments are 100% customised to each individual patient.

For a personalised consultation to discuss solutions to achieve excellent health and looks, call us today on 92333399 to book an appointment


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