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Periorbital Cosmetic Concerns*

At The Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic we offer a variety of treatments  to correct the most common peri-orbital problems such as: wrinkles, skin laxity (droopy eyelids), dark circles around the eyes,  epidermal thinning etc.

Below is a list of our most sought after treatments to address the periorbital cosmetic problems:

  • Medical grade eye creams to protect the skin and delay the ageing process
  • Dr Bitlan – prescribes specialised bleaching creams to reduce pigmentation
  • Specialised chemical peels reduce pigmentation and solar damage
  • PRP injections and mesotherapy  improve the skin hydration, skin quality  and health
  • Laser skin resurfacing treatments (Pearl  Fractional) is the most effective treatment to remove damaged skin and tighten the periorbital area
  • Microneedling is great to break up pigment and stimulate collagen. Especially for people with thin periorbital skin
    • HIFU (Ultraformer III) is effective to tighten the skin of upper and lower eyelid as well as improving the bags under the eye.
    • Infini – Radiofrequency microneedling will re-model the skin causing rejuvenation and tightening.
    • Dermal filler injections minimise the tear troughs
    • Anti-wrinkle injections are effective to correct “Crows Feet” and produce upper brow lifting
    • CoolGlide laser removal of the bothersome veins around the eyes

    In order to achieve the best results we often combine several of the above treatments by creating an individualised treatment plan.

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