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The“Ultimate Beauty Clinic Membership”

Save & Maintain Your Looks Without Pain & Downtime & Look Absolutely Natural & Prevent/Delay the Need for Surgery

Memberships for 2019 are closed and are being restructured for 2020

Each month, the “Ultimate” members have a combination of three powerful treatments aimed to repair and perfect the epidermis while stimulating dermal collagen production.

Expect: to achieve in one session of 1.5 hour/month:

  • Glowing skin without blemishes
  • Always look natural and not “done” or “overdone”
  • Ongoing collagen regeneration and slowing down of the skin sag
  • Ongoing subtle but progressive improvements
  • Prevent /Correct wrinkles
  • Significant savings on anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers (20%)
  • 20% savings on Ultraformer skin lift
  • Significant savings on cosmetic products (10%)


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