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Pearl Laser with dermal needling and PRP

Pearl Laser with Dermal Needling and Platelet Rich Plasma

“Give us one week and we will give you new skin.”

  • superior results in one treatment (compared to 4-6 treatments),
  •  it is less painful
  • one week downtime (compared to 4-6 weeks)
  • safer side effects profile
  • more affordable

At our Clinic we endeavour to maximize  results whilst minimizing pain, downtime and side effects.
The treatment takes approximately two hours.
We are very aware of the potential discomfort and provide the patient with several modalities to minimize this: pain killers, happy gas, numbing cream, relaxing music. I am always at the side of the patient to perform a nerve block if necessary.
We give particular care to post-procedure recovery. Almost all our patients are, like us, working people and shortening the working and social downtime is vital.
In general we advise our patients that there will be about 6 days of social downtime, following which they can  apply mineral make up and return to normal activity.
This treatment enables us to diversify the treatment and treat selectively different areas of the face.


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